"You and your staff really deserve a huge acknowledgement. How your team have taken on my people that other teams have refused to even give a trial to. I do not think that you all have enough recognition, you have taken on such a huge diverse group of people and whenever I have asked you about someone you and your staff have always come back with - we will give them a try and see how they get on.  When the response from others is no. I have also brought this up in team meetings about just  how positive and friendly  and welcoming your team are."  Anon Supporter


“Attention by staff always willingly, happily given!  I look forward to Friday’s, the day I visit here.  May I take this opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ to every member of staff for their help & kindness so cheerfully given at all times.  It makes my day of the week!  Thank you all you deserve gold medals!”  Anon Service User


“If my wife knew how much I enjoy being here, she’d stop me from coming!”  Anon Service User


“Coming to the Beacon Centre adds another dimension to my life for which I am most grateful!”  Anon Service User


 "I just wanted to thank you for allowing us to use your lovely facilities at the centre yesterday and for being so attentive. We all enjoyed the day, the refreshments were ready, waiting and on time.  The lunch was excellent, (a good selection and mix), the person who is vegetarian was very pleased with her meal. The room was lovely to train in, people commented on the pleasant atmosphere and the convenient "free" parking. We had some positive feedback about the venue on the evaluations,  "good venue", "venue excellent." I am sure we will be using your facilities again in the future, and I will be recommending the venue to other colleagues. It was an excellent day, everything went smoothly and all our requests had been met. So thank you once again  I could not ask for any more." Anon Conference Centre User


 “I have only been going to the Beacon Centre for a few weeks but I am really enjoying it.  The people are friendly and the carers are very helpful!  Very pleased overall!”  Anon Service User


"I came on the walk at West Park today, I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed it. Activeyes has given me a better social life, it is nice to meet different people which without Activeyes I would not have met." Anon Activeyes Member