Unlike the National Lottery, you have a realistic chance of winning a big cash prize. Every week someone wins £1,000.
Plus, your date of birth could be lucky for you too. Each member’s date of birth is entered into an accumulator jackpot where you can win £100. If there are no winners selected that week, the prize will rise by £100 every week until a member wins.
With the cost from just £1 per week, the Goalden Gate is also a great way to support the Beacon Centre. For every ticket you buy, we will receive 45% of the money.
Sir Jack Hayward OBE says: ‘As patron of the Beacon Centre for the Blind, I’ve seen the impact the money raised by the Goalden Gate Weekly draw has made to our charity.

‘Over £50,000 has been donated to date and it is vital for the future success of the Centre that we continue to generate funding which can be used to help the visually impaired.’

It's easy to play
For each £1, you get 10 lucky numbers. The numbers are drawn every Monday and you've got a great chance of winning £5, £10, £25, £30, £75, £100 or £1,000.

How to play
To play contact our Appeals department on 01902 880111. Alternatively email us at fundraising@beacon4blind.co.uk

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