Could Beacon help you?

Talks – Assemblies – Classroom Sessions.

Beacon will come into school and do it for you :

  • Power Point presentations
  • Blindfolds
  • Sim Specs
  • Guiding
  • Low Vision Equipment


Pupils will be able to :

  • Experience different eye conditions
  • Understand the implications of sight loss
  • Help someone with sight loss
  • Meet a person with sight loss and hear real life experiences
  • Consider preventative measures for their own eyesight


 Would you like to arrange a visit to Beacon ?




To help local people with sight loss lead more independent lives


Could You Help Beacon?


Beacon Coin Collection 

Foreign coins

Old Coins

1p  2p coins

Loose change

Any coins 

(Foreign and old bank notes also taken)


Beacon will help with promotion, supply posters, publicity and collecton boxes, plus collect all coins.


June/ July

Summer Shades Day

Pay a £1 to come to school and wear your summer clothes for the day and a pair of sunglasses.

This is an opportunity to not only raise funds for Beacon but to promote eye care in school especially being aware of  those harmful UV rays.

Beacon will help with posters, publicity, and preventative advice.


Your ideas - You may have your own a great fundraising ideas 


Download  “Sight Awareness at School” poster  - click here


For more details please contact  Pete Moodie - 01902 880111.  

e mail :