These donations are sometimes in lieu of flowers, and can be to mark the anniversary of a death or the birthday of a loved one who has died.

Instead of a passing tribute, donations can provide a lasting legacy – and they also enable us to provide vital services to people who really need help and support.

Our thanks to you

Every in memoriam donation is added to our special remembrance book.

Forget-me-not trees
Every year at Christmas time we give people the opportunity to remember their loved ones by sponsoring a light on our Christmas tree. Each donation is added to our remembrance book and you are sent a special gift. A service is held at the foot of the tree to help us to remember and to pray for the loved ones we have lost.

Beacon memorial funds
The families of loved ones have the opportunity to set up a memorial fund in the name of their loved one. This gives the opportunity for family and friends to donate over time, to mark anniversaries and birthdays.

For more information on our in memoriam donations and funds please contact fundraising on 01902 880111 or email